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Recent Articles

We're happy to be back with a new batch of stories and info for you.

On the philosophical front, Anne Herbert reminds us of the power of unconventional thinking. Telecommuting maven Robert Moskowitz weighs in with advice on how anticipating problems leads to a more productive telecommuting arrangement.

Moving to technical subjects, Fabian Pascal continues his discussion of performance tweakage for 32-bit Wintel systems, Woody Liswood serves up reviews of useful utility programs, and I offer a few words on the subject of Funnel Web, a log analysis program from a startup in Australia



Zag The Transformer Might Be You

By Anne Herbert

Going with the flow of conventional wisdom isn't everything.


Preventive Maintenance:
Problem Solving For Telecommuters

By Robert Moskowitz

Anticipating problems of office politics and other issues can make the telecommuter's life easier and more productive.


Performance Tweaks For the Rest of Us
Part 2: Video and Disk Subsystems; CPU Overclocking

By Fabian Pascal

More real-life advice on performance enhancements -- and which are worth bothering with.


Making Sense of Your Traffic Logs With Funnel Web

By Mary Eisenhart

Beginning a sporadic series on the do-it-yourself website, Macintosh version, this article looks at Funnel Web, a useful tool from an Australian startup.


WinFax Pro 9.0 or TalkWorks 2.0?

Norton Utilities 3.0

Norton AntiVirus 5.0

By Woody Liswood

Indispensable tools, occasional tradeoffs.

KVM Computer Switch:
Secret Weapon For Small Offices

By Ken Fermoyle

An affordable approach to networking.

Your Weird Thoughts Are The Hope Of The World

By Anne Herbert

Breakthroughs occur in the strangest of places.

How to Protect Yourself from the Year 2000 Crisis

By A. Lizard

A collection of practical and philosophical advice for the millennial shift.

Performance Tweaks for the Rest of Us
Part I: BIOS, Operating System and Processor Subsystem Optimization

By Fabian Pascal

Much of the current speed mania has little to do with performance under business conditions--how to figure out what matters and adjust accordingly.

Why I Like Lynx

By Kevin Savetz

Sometimes a text-only browser is just what you need.



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