Welcome Back!

In our latest collection of articles, we're pleased to welcome a couple of new contributors.

Anne Herbert may or may not have ever received her 15 minutes of fame for coming up with "Practice Random Kindness and Senseless Acts of Beauty," but her words (in various permutations) have appeared in a host of publications and on myriad bumperstickers. She has an interesting way of looking at things, and we're pleased to welcome her to these parts.

Meanwhile, A. Lizard, our old friend from MicroTimes days, has returned with a compendium of useful info for those concerned about Y2K and general disaster preparedness.

Also, Fabian Pascal debunks a few performance myths, Ken Fermoyle discovers a cheap approach to the multi-computer home office, and Kevin Savetz sings the praises of Lynx.

--Mary E


KVM Computer Switch:
Secret Weapon For Small Offices

By Ken Fermoyle

An affordable approach to networking.

Your Weird Thoughts Are The Hope Of The World

By Anne Herbert

Breakthroughs occur in the strangest of places.

How to Protect Yourself from the Year 2000 Crisis

By A. Lizard

A collection of practical and philosophical advice for the millennial shift.

Performance Tweaks for the Rest of Us
Part I: BIOS, Operating System and Processor Subsystem Optimization

By Fabian Pascal

Much of the current speed mania has little to do with performance under business conditions--how to figure out what matters and adjust accordingly.

Why I Like Lynx

By Kevin Savetz

Sometimes a text-only browser is just what you need.

Open Source Software: More Than An Emerging Alternative

By Michael Robin

Tim O'Reilly on Open Source technology and the next killer app.


32 Bit Computing: The Communications Subsystem

By Fabian Pascal

DSL Vs. Dialup

Mouse or Trackball Acting Up?
It May Not Be Broken, Just Dirty

By Ken Fermoyle

Here's how to clean that pesky input device before you spend the big bucks replacing it.



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