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By Mary Eisenhart

Hearts Online: A Publishing Adventure

Nancy Capulet not only met her future spouse online, she wrote and self-published a book of online-dating advice. In the process, she got the book out months before a conventional publisher could deliver, enjoyed creative control--and also found out that self-publishing is a lot of work.

Surfing The Sea Of Chaos

Reva Basch, online-research maven and author of the recent Researching Online For Dummies, offers insights into the rapidly changing digital-information landscape, and offers advice on finding what you want to know efficently.

Breakfast With Guy CEO Guy Kawasaki on the business of starting up startups


By Ken Fermoyle

Mouse or Trackball Acting Up?
It May Not Be Broken, Just Dirty

Here's how to clean that pesky input device before you spend the big bucks replacing it.

Upgrades That Make Sense: Drive Storage Space

Tips on increasing your storage capacity.

Stopping Spam: More Important Than You Might Think

A review of Stopping Spam, from O'Reilly & Associates

Prehistoric DTP


By Ed Kahn

Transferring Files With Flipdisk


By Gen Katz

From Barbie To Mortal Kombat

Women and computer games--an ongoing adventure.


By Woody Liswood

Xirlink USB Video Camera

Adding visuals to your documents is easier than ever with this new camera.

Wireless PC

Win98: To Upgrade or Not?


By Robert Moskowitz

The Global City and the Global Village(s)

Variations On Alternative Officing Strategies Now Taking Hold


By Fabian Pascal

32 Bit Computing: The Communications Subsystem

DSL Vs. Dialup

32 Bit Computing

Best of Breed System -- 2nd Generation:
Processor, Graphics and Disk Subsystems

32-Bit Computing--Hard to Keep Your Cool

32-bit Computing: Disk Subsystem

Intel "Compatibility" Under Windows NT


By Michael Robin

Open Source Software: More Than An Emerging Alternative

Tim O'Reilly on Open Source technology and the next killer app.


By Kevin Savetz

Faxing From The Internet

You don't need a fax machine to send and receive faxes worldwide. You don't even need a phone line.

Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

Keep accurate time on your PC with help from the Net

Today's Curiosity Or Tomorrow's Workhorse?

By Kevin Savetz and Neil Randall


By Birrell Walsh

Metric and Magic, Knowledge and Servants










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