Interview with Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead, November 12, 1987

Obituary: Jerry Garcia 1942-1995

 Interview with John Walker, Autodesk co-founder, March 26, 1992

Interview with Auto-By-Tel founder Pete Ellis, from MicroTimes Issue #179 (1998)

Surfing The Third Wave:
Alvin And Heidi Toffler
On Life And Work In The Information Age, from MicroTimes Issue #118 (1994)

Perspectives For A Changing World: A Return Visit With Alvin Toffler,
MicroTimes 1995


For Neumu: Reviews

Now Again, The Flatlanders

Don't Let the Bastards Get You Down: A Tribute to Kris Kristofferson, Various Artists

Time: The Revelator, Gillian Welch

For San Francisco Chronicle

Photo Show Focuses on Iranian Heritage
Exhibition features work by photographers working in Tehran, and their Bay Area counterparts

"Seeing Music": Freight & Salvage at 40
Berkeley's legendary folk venue celebrates a big anniversary with an art show

"East of the West": Middle East Artists
Turning the spotlight on an often overlooked aspect of the Asian/Pacific Islander experience

Ponying Up
Portola Valley woman finds volunteers and funds to save horses headed to slaughter

Words to Live By
Terry Ryan's mother kept her family afloat writing jingles and winning contests

The Tale of the Tape
Ben Fong-Torres' collection reveals the uneven joys of covering rock stars

Dipping Into A Well of Stories

Continental Drifting With Tom Robbins


For Salon

Domain  Names From Paradise

How Palm Beat Microsoft: An Interview with Donna  Dubinsky


For Rex Foundation

Drums of Peace
Rex Foundation helps bring the healing power of music to war-torn Iraq.

Positive Beats
Raising consciousness and fostering success at Youth Movement Records

All in the Family
The New Riders of the Purple Sage return — and pitch in for Rex

Parents Circle/Bereaved Families Forum
Making peace in the Mideast, one family at a time


For Alameda Magazine

Alameda's Kid: Rallying to Give Cole a Chance
In the wake of a horrific attack that sent shock waves throughout the Island in 2003, Alamedans unite to make the young victim whole

The Island Way With Wine
Vet-turned-vintner Kent Rosenblum puts Alameda on the wine-lover's map

6 Dynamic Duos
Alameda's new generation of Mom and Pops

Custom Made: When Off-the-Shelf Won't Do
Artisans of Alameda